One of the questions we get a lot is about our pricing.  If you were to search the Web, you'd turn up many different types of group tours to Italy: ones that are more luxurious and more expensive, and ones that less luxurious and...well, less expensive. 

While there are many ways one can experience travel -- from ultra-luxury to bare-bones budget -- GF Journeys has focused on a particular style of travel, one we think combines the highest quality with the best value. And, of course, we cater exclusively to gluten-free travelers.

Since you get what you pay for in travel, what exactly are you getting when you travel with us? Let's take a look:

Here are 10 ways GF Journeys compares to popular, large tour operators:

  1. With a maximum of only 23 guests on a GF Journeys trip, your two tour leaders are able to ensure the highest level of quality and personalized attention during your trip.  We can provide an extra level of concierge assistance that isn't even offered by the large tour companies, including customized pre- and post-trip travel, restaurant reservations and assistance with planning your free time.  

  2. Small group size means we can stay directly in the historic city centers at boutique hotels or beautiful country villas that capture the charm and character of Italy. By comparison, large tour groups of 40-55 by necessity have to overnight in larger, more "functional" conference hotels that can accommodate large groups. These are rarely located in the cultural heart of a city. That's one way they cut costs on your tour.  

  3. Small group size also means we're able to do things that other tour companies can not, like participate in specialty food tastings and in-depth private tours. Those lower-priced trips to Italy? They're bus trips with set schedules and limited time at each stop. In some cases, you'll see the sights from the window of your tour bus (if you have a window, that is.)  By comparison, we don't do any "drive-by" sightseeing by bus.  We may travel as a group, but our tours, activities and excursions are always in-depth and authentic.  

  4. A GF Journeys trip has a comfortable amount of free time built into the itinerary, allowing guests flexibility to experience each Italian city on their own terms.  Interested in visiting a specific museum or artwork?  You'll have time and flexibility on our trips.  Large group tours simply can't offer this level of flexibility.  The pace on a GF Journeys trip will never feel rushed.

  5. When you look at other tour companies' pricing, check to see what's included. Did they include guide and driver tips? Porter service at hotels? Are excursions extra?  Are you comparing our trip departure date to the same departure dates of other tours?  We're not trying to trick you with fancy marketing tactics and language. GF Journeys clearly states everything that's included in your trip price, and that means no surprises for you. 

  6. Large tour operators offering rock-bottom prices are cutting costs somewhere along the line.  GF Journeys is designed with quality as our top priority.  We survive only by word-of-mouth, and that means we rely on our guests' complete satisfaction.  

  7. Gourmet meals are a big highlight of our GF trips.  Smaller group size not only means our GF meals are prepared specifically for us, but we can also go to some excellent and authentic restaurants in each city. Large tour operators have to dine in tourist restaurants because that's the easiest way to serve 40+ people.   It's also how they cut costs. Our GF Journeys trip dine at authentic, local restaurants known for their excellent cuisine and for their knowledge of preparing safe GF meals. 

  8. As a tour that's devoted to special diets, we've spent a great deal of time researching and vetting GF restaurants in each city in order to provide you with a list of options during your free time.  Plus we've created the option of GF boxed lunches for those days when lunch isn't included--spend your free time as you'd like, not hunting down a safe place to eat. 

  9. GF Journeys was created because we understand what it means to be gluten-free.  I have a personal and professional interest in making this trip a remarkable experience for people who have to manage with the hassle of a special diet, or anyone who wants to join us.  

  10. And finally, is there another travel company out there focused specifically on your gluten-free diet? Others might accommodate, but none are dedicated GF.  

Does this sound like the way you'd like to travel?  Why not come along in October?