At GF Journeys, we’re travel consultants whose main goal is eliminating the hassle involved in managing a GF diet while traveling as well as the work it takes to plan a gluten-free vacation on your own. 

Unlike a traditional travel agency, we don’t work on volume.  We’re passionate specialists, and ones with a pretty narrow focus at that. We're 100% dedicated to crafting great, individually customized itineraries and small-group tours for people with special diets, just like us!  

We specialize in family-friendly destinations within Europe.  Our deep local connections give us access to characterful GF hotels or apartments and villas with celiac-safe kitchens, lists of GF restaurant recommendations,  plus unique cultural excursions and GF foodie experiences.  Our thoughtful itineraries are fully-vetted, and by managing every trip detail and going beyond your expectations, our clients can take a true vacation from worry.   

We're not only travel specialists, but GF specialists, too.  If you have another destination in mind, contact us, and we'll let you know if we can help. We just love new adventures!

For more information on how we can help you create a custom, carefree, GF trip of your very own, we would love to talk with you.   

Email us at or call us direct at 617.410.6159