As the founder of Family Friendly Italy, a special-interest travel planning service for Italy and Europe, I was quite sure my career was over when my five-year old daughter was diagnosed with celiac.  

How could we ever travel to Italy again (or France, or Spain, or London, or Ireland, or....if we could no longer enjoy the overflowing dessert cases, wood-fired pizzas, heaping plates of pasta, and the wafting aroma of freshly baked bread?  

Finding a safe meal for her at home can sometimes prove difficult.  Then I pictured myself having to do that overseas, with every meal, and in some semblance of a foreign language. It hardly seemed worth the extensive effort, even for me, a travel planner by profession.

After the self-pity became somewhat pathetic (my husband's adjective), I resolved not to let gluten stand in the way of the many rewards our international travels have given our daughters, and us.  Nor would it stop us from enjoying a great meal.  

This is what fueled my passion for GF travel.  This group tour -- GF Journeys' Gluten-Free Italy -- is the result. Because really, who better than the Italians -- people who love food and who love it when you love their food -- to understand how fundamental a great meal is to good living? 

My goal with GF Journeys is simple: Help the GF community (re-)experience the joy of traveling by completely eliminating the stress involved in finding great hotels and gourmet GF meals.   

I think we did that with this trip.  I hope you'll join us!  

- Gina Di Prima
founder of Family Friendly Italy and GF Journeys

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