Gluten-Free Italy: Travels through Tuscany,
Parma & Rome 

Travel with us to Italy, and say "Ciao!" to a gluten-free paradise.

The land of pizzapasta, and panini would seem entirely off-limits to anyone with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.  Remarkably, Italy is one of the most knowledgeable countries there is when it comes to preparing food senza glutine safely.  

Join us on a 7-day, food-filled, cultural journey through Tuscany, Florence, Parma and Rome. Our trip highlights the regional cuisine and the cultural heritage that make Italy so enticing.  

We happily welcome non-GF family and friends.  In fact, the food on this special trip is so good we're confident no one will be disappointed.  

Request a detailed itinerary now. Then deposit by February 28, 2014 and to save $100 per person!  This small-group tour is limited to 23 guests.  

Wondering if we're qualified to safely cater to those with gluten issues?  Read more about who we are, and why we're so passionate about GF.